Outdoor Waterproof Solar Powered All in One LED Street Light

No need electicity and all in one solar street lights work automatically

many years ago, the thought of powering lights by harnessing the power of the Sun sounded like science fiction. Today, though, you can see solar panels dotting the rooftops of buildings and houses, as well as street lights in some cities. What was once a dream has become reality, In fact, you might even have solar power at your fingertips in the form[…]

Integrated Smart Solar LED Street Lighting / NOMO Renewable Solar Energy Street Light

What solar street lights will be the best for street lighting, Split-type VS Integrated&all in one

Solar Street Lamps—Split-Type VS Integrated           Solar powered lighting items are more popular now because of the rapid developments in photovoltaic and LED lighting technologies. Besides the financial benefits, the right combination of photovoltaic and high-efficiency LEDs has offered great environmental benefits through clear renewable solar energy. With the rapid development[…]

NOMO New Integrated LED Solar Lamp Paths Garden Street Light

Questions about Smart All in One LED Solar Street Lights, how about smart all in one LED solar street light ?

Regarding all in one solar street lights, there are are some questions may customer will ask for checking and comparing difference. For NOMO all in one solar street lights, NOMO promoted in the market with good reputation and physical experiences on big projects. All in one LED solar street lights available with smart operation system[…]

Wireless LED Smart Solar Street Light with DEDUSTING SYSTEM

professional grade all in one led solar street light manufacturers nomo group lauched the new hyperion series

AS THE MOST PROFESSIONAL FACTORY IN CHINA, NOMO DEVELOPED THE NEW HYPERION professional grade all in one led solar street light , AND IT IS ALL IN ONE ELAGENT DESIGN, ADOPT LIFE PO4 battery, MPPT CONTROL, ENERGY PACK, and work 3-5 days, to offer most professional lighting distribution BY PMMA lens. Security and safety Dark[…]