automatic cleaning solar street light

The effect of dust on PV power generation and cleaning method

Solar energy is a clean, safe and renewable energy source that plays an important role in the long-term energy strategy. There are many factors will affect the efficiency of solar power generation, and atmospheric dust is one of the key factors. When the United States “Opportunity” Mars space probe missions beginning, 1.3m solar panels to[…]


Why auto cleaning system ?

In recent years, with popularity of “ENERGY CONSERVATION “and “ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY “, solar street lights had been vigorously promoted in regions/countries with strong sunshine.  Whereas, there is relatively limited rainfall.   Hence, after certain period of running,  the street lights do accumulate dust naturally, plus humidity joins in to cover the surface of solar panel, which[…]

LIFEPO4 Battery

Your solar street lights need Lithium iron phosphate(LiFePo4) battery

Nowdays, solar street lights are rapidly developing and used widely . In the case of sufficient sunlight, there is a need to store this energy, which requires the use of batteries. NOMO GROUP integrated smart solar street lights adopted lithium iron phosphate batteries. namely: LiFePO4 battery. Why we choose this kind of battery? Advantages of lithium iron phosphate[…]

NOMO New Integrated LED Solar Lamp Paths Garden Street Light

You need to know street light history

Nowadays, many places have got rid of the traditional street lights, using solar LED street lights, no charging, simple installation, environmental protection, energy saving, beautiful, but do you know the development of the street lights? Origin: The street light originated in London in the 15th century. At that time, in order to brighten the dark winter[…]

LIFEPO4 Battery

What is lithium-ion batteries?

Differentiating between price point and ‘cost’ is paramount to advancing the discussion in the solar + energy storage industry with regard to performance and real value over the life of the assets. When comparing the performance profile of batteries across chemistries such as lead acid, lithium ion, flow, or others, it becomes evident how different[…]

Smart All in One LED Solar Street Light with ROBOTIC CLEANING SYSTEM

What’s the power efficiency of solar street lights?

People are getting less and more concerned about the street lights in the countryside. The main reason is that the installation of these conventional street lights is very inconvenient, and the maintenance is not easy. Once the problem occurred, it will not be maintained for a long time. It is easy to cause traffic accidents[…]

Smart All in One LED Solar Street Light with ROBOTIC CLEANING SYSTEM

Deep Thinking about electric shock caused by HEAVY RAIN( using DC solar street light)

A few days ago, because of the heavy rainfall brought by the typhoon “Ayunni”. In Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhaoqing and other places, three people have been suspected of electric shocks in the streets. This has scared many people, so the people does not dare to go out on rainy days. After all, on the streets of the city,[…]


A full solar-powered off-grid system can provide backup power in time when the public utility is failure. NOMO has developed a new solar off grid “POWERWALL” personally designed, which converts the solar energy to electricity power and stores into the Energy Pack. This system will be available for Power Luminaries, Fan, Television. HIGHLIGHTS: 1. Day[…]

Auto Clearing Solar Street Light

Latest Nomo Hyperion Series Smart All In One Solar Street Lights

NOMO GROUP before has developed two generation all in one solar street lights , the first generation integrated solar street light is PVSL&PVNSL series. The second generation solar street light is Titan series , which is born for the highway . Today i would like introduce our third generation all in one solar street light–Hyperion series.[…]