A county in the United States changed street lights and road signs to LED

A county in the United States changed street lights and road signs to LED

According to foreign media reports, Washtenaw County, Michigan, plans to replace 30 intersections with street lights and road signs for energy-efficient LED bulbs, the project is planned for six to eight months. The aim of the county is to reduce energy and cost as much as possible. At present, 400 watt metal halide bulbs are[…]

Normal Questions and Answers of Solar Lights

As a leader of the solar street lighting business in Shenzhen,China, we often be asked the below questions, here is some of the questions and answers: 1.Where is the best place to install the solar lights? Solar lights need direct sunlight to receive a full charge during the day. In the northern hemisphere, the solar[…]

You should be have a SELENE Solar Light for your house

If ­you have a yard and have ever thought about lighting it at night, then you have probably heard about solar yard lights. Comparing with the market 10-15W solar yard lights, NOMO Latest SELENE series is a very good choice. Eco-Friendly, Cost-effective and you don’t have to run any wiring for them. As long as a location[…]

Which countries need to be focus on for LED solar street light manufacturer?

China’s economy has changed from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage in 2018. and China is the most important production and export base for the global LED industry with the continuous development of the “Belt and Road” and the “going out” strategy. The dividends enjoyed by exports are beginning to appear and[…]

high tech self cleaning solar panels

Some reserches about the high tech self cleaning solar panels

Recently there is some hot product for solar panel cleaning on the market , they call some magic coat , check the attached report . ‘The outdoor performance of coated and uncoated PV panels and arrays were monitored for several months at different climate conditions (Greece and     China) in order the extra energy produced[…]

Which functions need to be debugged before installing solar street light?

Which functions need to be debugged before installing solar street light?

In order to ensure the using effect of solar street light in the later period, some functions of the street lights need to be debugged before installation, especially the solar controller. Timing control: According to the requirements of the scheme, set the daily light-on time, and set the time control node according to the instructions[…]

Easy installation high efficiency 2000-3000 lm integrated smart solar street light manufacturer

How to buy a cost-effective solar street light?

Since solar street lights have been highly praised, the solar street lights in the market have appeared just like springing up. However, this has led to a wide variety of solar street lights on the market. The quality is uneven, which will inevitably affect the overall quality of solar street lights . Customers are hard[…]


A full solar-powered off-grid system can provide backup power in time when the public utility is failure. NOMO has developed a new solar off grid “POWERWALL” personally designed, which converts the solar energy to electricity power and stores into the Energy Pack. This system will be available for Power Luminaries, Fan, Television. HIGHLIGHTS: 1. 24[…]

All in one Solar Smart LED Street Lighting System ZERO Maintenance Requirement High efficiency

All In One Solar Street Light: What Are The Advantages Of Lithium Iron Phosphate(LiFePo4) Battery?

Today, solar energy is widely used, and solar street lights currently used for road lighting are rapidly developing. In the case of sufficient sunlight, there is a need to store this energy, which requires the use of batteries. NOMO GROUP integrated solar street lights use lithium iron phosphate batteries. Then, what advantages does the solar[…]