Super Typhoon Mangkhut lands on south China coast, NOMO Lighting is not afraid of testing

On September 16, typhoon ” Mangkhut ” landed on the coastal areas of Guangdong and Hainan. The maximum wind power in the center has reached 14 levels, making it the strongest typhoon landing in China this year. It is reported that in the face of super typhoon ” Mangkhut ” attack, wind and rain under[…]

High-tech Self Cleaning Solar Panels Researches

Recently there is some hot product for solar panel cleaning on the market , they call some magic coat , check the attached report . ‘The outdoor performance of coated and uncoated PV panels and arrays were monitored for several months at different climate conditions (Greece and     China) in order the extra energy produced[…]

The 124th Autumn Canton Fair 2018

Thank you very much for your support and trust in NOMO for a long time! Our company is scheduled to participate in the 124th Canton Fair from October 15, 2018 to October 19, 2018. We hope that we can discuss and communicate with your company through this opportunity, so that we can cooperate more deeply.[…]

A county in the United States changed street lights and road signs to LED

China to further promote non-fossil fuel energy

China needs to continue promoting non-fossil fuel energy and high quality development to implement the Paris accord and curb carbon emissions, said an expert. China, which already has the world’s largest installed capacity of wind and solar power, should continue decreasing its reliance on coal and increasing investments in clean energy toward a low-carbon world,[…]

NOMO Solar Street Light Works Perfectly In Raining Days

Recently we got a picture from our Nigeria customer . He is so surprised at our solar street light performance in Nigeria rainy season . It never stops even there is long lasting 10 raining days . Why it works so perfectly in such bad weather? Here is the explaination. How solar street lights work?[…]

As EU levies end, PV exports may soar

The European Union has terminated measures against China’s dual-reaction photovoltaic or PV products, and this will restore normalcy in the Sino-EU trade in the segment, provide a predictable business environment, and boost cooperation between the two sides, officials and experts said. The PV segment has been the “hardest hit” by trade frictions involving China, the[…]

Photovoltaic firms shine as EC ends sales curbs

Latest move to help boost Chinese exports to EU, reduce product prices Shares of photovoltaic firms rallied sharply in Hong Kong on Monday, in response to the European Commission’s ending of restrictions on sales of solar panels from China starting from midnight. GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd rose 11.32 percent to 59 HK cents (8 US[…]

Policy change to strengthen solar sector

Reduction of feed-in tariffs will be conducive to photovoltaic industry’s sustainable and efficient development, government agencies say Despite a blow that sent solar stocks into free fall in June, China’s new rules to reduce government feed-in tariffs for the photovoltaic industry will encourage its more sustainable and efficient development, while stabilizing the rapidly growing and[…]