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Triangle shape 12000 lumen 6 Meters Solar Pole Light

HELIOS, NOMO’s newest series is the solution in areas where there is no grid or other lighting infrastructure available, which integrates the self-cleaning or dirt repellent coating functions. It is wind resistant having Light weight solar panels, with best performance to absorb direct sunlight during the day performing higher level of Operating reliability. FEATURES: 1.[…]

You need a IOT solar street light

You need a IOT solar street light

A product will inevitably encounter problems in the process of long-term use, even the use of solar street light is the same, so when the solar street light doesn’t work well, we must find out the problem in time. If there is a problem with the solar street light, it is necessary to check whether[…]

High efficiency solar streetlight with LifePo4 Battery

NOMO HYPERION SOLAR STREET LIGHT OVERVIEW: It’s the new generation of Smart Control All In One Solar Powered Street Simple yet beautiful, and convenient with all in one design. Environment friendly, Solar Power supply, Zero emissions. Energy saving and lighting for longer time. Surface is anti-corrosion treated, salt fog up to 480 hours doesn’t rust. It[…]

NOMO GROUP: 6 Good Reasons to Choose All-in-one Integrated Solar Street Lights

With solar lights becoming more and more affordable, people are more willing to replace old street lights with cost effective, innovative all-in-one integrated solar lights. Here are 6 good reasons to choose integrated solar street lights. 01. Long service life, very low maintenance fees All-in-one solar street lights are extremely efficient, with long lives and low (if any)[…]

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Smart Compact Solar Street light (SELENE) Watches your place day and night

SELENE (compact) outdoor smart solar light was designed to be installed once and left up year-round by NOMO GROUP. Available in the market only starting in the middle of 2018, it can be used in your garden, yard, pathway….a Thanks to the three ways of installation, SELENE (compact) Solar Light can be installed anywhere you[…]


For most of people, they bought lights based on how much energy, or watts, they use. Wouldn’t it make more sense to buy lights based on how much light they provide? When you’re looking for lights, you can choose the lights for the brightness you want by comparing lumens instead of watts. A lumen is[…]

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Solar street lights should be chosen from the actual situation

Solar street lights depend on solar power for lighting, but the actual effective sunshine in different areas is often different, so when installing or transforming solar street lights in different areas, special attention must be paid to selecting the most suitable solar street lights from the actual situation in their own areas. Don’t waste resources[…]