Triangle shape 12000 lumen 6 Meters Solar Pole Light

HELIOS, NOMO’s newest series is the solution in areas where there is no grid or other lighting infrastructure available, which integrates the self-cleaning or dirt repellent coating functions. It is wind resistant having Light weight solar panels, with best performance to absorb direct sunlight during the day performing higher level of Operating reliability.

solar pole light

Triangle shape 12000 lumen 6 Meters Solar Pole Light


1. Easy to install:

It doesn’t require an electrical grid, digging or experience with electricity. All you need to do is to put the light in a sunny spot, let it charge and enjoy.

2. Require no maintenance:

You won’t have to worry about maintenance with using Hyperion Integrated LED Solar Street Light. All they need is to make sure the solar panel on each light working at its best.

3. Cost nothing to operate:

Hyperion series integrated LED Solar Street Light cost nothing, absolutely ZERO, because they run entirely on the sunlight.

4. Integrated design:

LED solar fixtures can be used as area lights, street lights, wall lights, driveway lights, parking lot lights, security night lights, patio lights, flood lights or yard lights.


MODEL NO.                                           H6 with HP-5000 lamp
Solar Panel
PV Module 320W
Life Time 25 Years
(the power attenuation of each year is around 1%)
Light Parameter
Lamp HP-5000
LED Chip 5050
LED Luminous 12000LM
LED Module 3 Moduels
Viewing Angle 70°*140°
Color Temperature 3000K-6500K, typical (5500K-6000K)
Color Rendering Index ﹥70
Life Time 50000 Hours
Battery Tape LiFePO4 Battery
Battery Capacity 1250WH
Battery Life Time (5-8 Years)
MPPT Charge Controller Including wireless communication module
Timing Mode 1Hr 50% ,4Hrs 100%,3Hrs 50%,4Hrs 25%.(Settable)
Circuit Protection Overcharge, Discharge, Short circuit, Open load,
Lightning protection and other functions
Life Time (5-8 Years)
Charging Time (STC) 6-8 Hrs (At STC)
Certificate CE, ROSH, IP65, ISO9000, IEC
Environment Requirement
Working Temperature -20℃~70℃
Storage Temperature 0℃~45℃
Protection Grade IP65
Installation 6 Meters


1.All in one solar street light power can be stored at maximum time of 6 months, after being fully charged.

2.Regular inspection needed, due to longer transportation and storage periods, otherwise battery life will be shortened.

3.In the northern hemisphere, the solar panel facing towards south, gets the best direction for absorbing ideal energy. If this installation done on opposite or either side hemisphere, one must make sure to avoid, any house, trees, or any kinds of shadows covering any part of the panel, which could cause reduction in efficiency and working performance.

4.Always keep the solar panel clean from (dust, tree leaves, greasy dirt, bird poop ) by cleaning with water.

12000lm solar pole light

12000lm solar pole light

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