You need a IOT solar street light

You need a IOT solar street light

A product will inevitably encounter problems in the process of long-term use, even the use of solar street light is the same, so when the solar street light doesn’t work well, we must find out the problem in time.

If there is a problem with the solar street light, it is necessary to check whether the connection of the photovoltaic battery is correct or not, and whether there is bad contact in the connection area. Then it is necessary to check whether the battery is connected properly and whether the voltage of the battery is normal. If the voltage is too high, the battery power supply will fail. If the battery is over-discharged, it will automatically recover after full charge.

The stability of the solar controller is very important for the service life of the solar street light, it controls solar panels and batteries. At present, the solar energy controllers are all intelligently configured to ensure that the solar street light is illuminated and turned off in an accurate time, and automatically change the time according to the local weather and environmental changes.

Smart control system (The Internet of Things system) independently developed by NOMO GROUP, it can effectively understand the use of street light. Once the street light has problem, it can be quickly found through the analysis of the data saved by the system, and field investigation is not needed, which greatly reduces the time and labor costs.

This system is very convenient to operate. Besides RTU and DTU, it does not need any additional configuration. Highly efficient and low-investment. It is especially suitable for all kinds of street lighting projects.

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